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GalaxSea is a brand created by Fierce Women aimed at empowering other Fierce Women to become their best selves.


We want to inspire our ladies to live boldly. to cut off any ties of conformation. We design our clothing to encourage creativity, confidence and artistic freedom. you are out of this world and we want you to feel that way!

Our brand is so much more than a clothing range. It is a lifestyle. A mindset. A change in perspective. We want to encourage women to live and love freely. To always exude kindness. To be bright, bubbly  and bold.  to still shine above all we go through. we want our ladies to emanate happiness and a positivity in their lives that projects onto others. imagine a ripple effect of happiness in this world! We believe you should always leave a little sparkle wherever you go, and for that, you will never be forgotten. 


our mantra is that when you dress Fierce! You will live Fierce!

become part of our tribe

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